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hi. i just thought i should share some news, i was shocked and saddened to read that over the weekend rigger dan (he made a small appearance in riding in vans with boys) passed away recently.

"Rigger Dan, from Riding In Vans With Boys, died over the weekend. Here's something I copy/pasted: Show rigger for Ozzy Osbourne and others such as Kiss, AC/DC, Ricky Martin, Blink182, and Linkin Park and Beckman Rigging. Born September 24, 1969 in Wurtsmith AFB in Oscoda, MI died November 7, 2004 in Castaic, CA. He also lived in Fairfax, VA. He was a wonderful person with a generous heart, sweet smile and twinkling blue eyes. Everyone who knew him loved him. His interests were philosophy and old classic movies. Services will be held at the FAIRFAX MEMORIAL FUNERAL HOME, 9902 Braddock Rd., Fairfax, VA, on Sunday, November 14, 2004 at 2 p.m. He is survived by his mother, Mary Ann Beard of Fairfax, VA; his father, Donaldson Beard (Nina) of Sterling, VA; a sister, Kellee Marshall of Gainesville, VA; grandmothers, Mary Alice Mitchell Gazzola of Roland, OK and Ora Mae Beard Martin of Greenland, AR. Memorial contributions in his name may be made to a charity of your choice." - from

i can't believe it, he was such a cool and funny guy :(
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